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The Reason

PaperLIMS is an attempt to bootstrap a small research lab's sample handling practices. Too often Excel is the go-to and though this is easy to implement, it has much larger consequences down the line. Some of these consequences can be related to versioining of the Excel file or providing concurrent access.

That being said, PaperLIMS is not the be-all and end-all solution. At some point you'll want to graduate to a commercial LIMS (and there are plenty of really good commercial solutions) or leverage your local development team to implement the special and unique features that your lab requires. There are a myriad of other paths forward and PaperLIMS is a small nudge in the direction that ultimately you'll want to go.

By all means bypass PaperLIMS and choose one of the other paths forward. However, it could be worthwhile to give it a look.